Always Something To Do

In a normal childminding day your child will have the opportunity to take part in a number of activities including:

painting   –  gloop   –  water   –  sand   –  crazy foam   –  play dough   –  gluing and sticking
cooking   –  music time   –  stories and rhyme   –  puzzles   –  games   –  dressing up   –  outside play
outings to the local park… and of course the beach, and our beach hut!

Our day has routine which although printed, is not written in stone! Children need routines and schedules to feel secure, calm and at ease, it enables children to learn how to manage their time and to feel more confident because they know “what happens next”.

As Beachtown Childcare is a relatively small setting we have the opportunity to work with you when determining what your child does when with us. Each child’s individual routines are taken into account when deciding what to do day to day. We work with you and closely follow any pattern that is important to you and your child such as nap times. We plan activities according to the individual children’s interests and link them to EYFS. We have a variety of topic and interest tables throughout the setting alongside the popular letter, number, colour and shape table which changes every week and is decided by the children.